Tuesday Afternoon – An Outing With God

It was Tuesday afternoon and seemed to be as good a time as any to take a drive over to Hilton Head Island and visit a possible new contact for GGTS. This contact  needed to be knowledgeable about silver, and also someone who would offer a fair price for the silver that comes into GGTS that doesn’t sell.

For quite a while now, when silver, silver plated items, or silver jewelry comes in broken, tarnished or no longer wanted, we set it aside, praying for a solution as to how best to harvest the value they bring. Today would be a good day to learn more about the silver contact we found.  Time to start the engine—car that is….

First, finding the store was like Columbus discovering America, but sure enough there it was, small but filled with treasures.  One foot in the door and the feeling of peace came out of nowhere.  Linda, the store owner, greeted all who walked through her door. And, yes, she was willing to help. On her wrist she wore a lovely silver bracelet.  At first it looked like a coupling of hearts, but at second glance the hearts turned into the word GOD. Yes!  And if you raise your eyes in awe to look into her eyes, you would also see above on the wall behind her these words:   

“He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver…”  Malachi 3:3

If at that moment you were there, you would see eyes tearing up and hear the words “You are one of us.”  It felt like God’s hand was over every moment of this outing. After exiting the store, and having to drive the car around a puddle as big as the Red Sea, and not have a problem is a amazing…..thank goodness for windshield wipers, too. 

 And thank God for his amazing grace



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