Beverley Adams  -  Day Manager

Bobbi Armstrong - Day Manager

​Pat Bartell - Day Manager

Gene Cranford  -  Day Manager

​Rob Heflin - Day Manager

Fran Kirby - Day Manager

​Tony Kirby -  Day Manager

Valerie Magliano - Day Manager

​Sue McKinlay - Day Manager

Roger Sandler  -  Day Manager

Paul Scott  -  Day Manager

Linda Tompkins  -  Day Manager

Karen Tinnerholm - Day  Manager

Dick Whitney  -  Day Manager

Moms in Prayer will resume again in the fall.  

Moms in Prayer is an international organization, 
local contact Emily Cook, (843) 298-1018 

Mom's in Prayer website​​

We STILL Need Strong Men
 We have a HUGE "need" for men that can help us on our Pick Up and Delivery Team at God's Goods.
 Hours needed are: 9AM-1PM
 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
 We will take someone just once a month, twice a month, weekly or whenever available.

 We may even cater our pick up and delivery hours to meet your evening a name it!
If you have a friend that might consider joining you, please come as a team! Serving in this ministry is a joy and a blessing!

​​ To get more information, please email

Meet our all-volunteer leadership team

​​​​Volunteer Opportunities

   God's Goods is staffed entirely by volunteers and 100% of our proceeds fund mission work of The Anglican Church locally, nationally and globally. Volunteers are always welcome; 

please contact God's Goods Thrift Store

843-757-2024 or click here to join our family.  ​​

If  you close your eyes and make a wish, what would your wish be? How about wishing for a couple of strong guys able to drive a pick-up truck and move furniture for God’s Goods?  Pretty sure that wasn’t what you wished for.

 A lot of God’s Goods volunteers are snow birds. That means when the weather grows hot and soft fresh breezes blow in from the North, off they go. It’s hard to say good bye to them for the summer.  We’ve become one giant family, and they will be missed. In the meantime we need some men to step forward and help  until the summer ends.

This past Saturday some of our volunteers set up a booth at the Annual Volunteers Fair in Sun City. The purpose was to meet strong-hearted men ready to lend a hand with pick- ups and deliveries for God’s Goods during the summer months and beyond, if they like.

Our booth passed out pens, candy and lots of smiles.  On the desk was information about all the missions God’s Goods Thrift Store donates to throughout the years.  Some say miracles do happened when scores of men and women, just like you, step forward to help create something bigger than could have been imagined. 

We’ll let you know how many stepped forward and signed up. Who knows? There could be a miracle right around the corner. 

May the Lord Bless and keep you.  




Pat Bartell - Customer Care Manager

Sandy Moldovan  -  Warehouse Manager

Ken Root - Warehouse Manager

​Bill Burns - Warehouse Manager

Beverly Dupont - Housewares Manager

Dee McGonigal - Housewares Manager

Laura Barone - Housewares Manager

​​Bonnie Wade - Linens Manager

Roberta Mullins  -  Women's Clothing Manager

Bruce Hildebrand  -  Men's Clothing Manager

Valerie Magliano - Children's Clothing Manager

Leo Tarkett - Cashier Manager

Join us for a 

Bible Study

Monday Mornings  

8am  - 9am

at God's Goods


Come early for a

cup of coffee!


Kim Perri  -  Ministry Leader

Sally Hoag  -  Assistant Ministry Leader

Ben Stief  -  Financial Manager

​Sandy Moldovan - Facilities Manager

Gary McGonigal  -  Operations Manager

Linda Tompkins  -  Volunteers Manager

Dennis Stull  -  Scheduler

15 A Centre Drive

Bluffton, South Carolina

(843) 757 - 2024